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Collaboration with Box

Apr 18, 2018

Box is a collaboration tool.  The problem is that many users tend to think of it and use it as if it just another place to store your stuff.  So, they put stuff in their Box folder and there is sits.  Gathering dust.  If they need to share a file they attach it to an …

Box application updates

Dec 4, 2017

In its December Product Newsletter Box highlighted a number of updates that have been released recently. The first is their Box Notes app.  As you can see in the following image they made several changes. They now have an “Inbox” that will show you notes that have been updated.  Updated notes will appear at the …

Box Notes – Box’s native collaboration tool

Aug 9, 2017

I guess the title says it all.  Box Notes is a light weight, real-time collaborative note taking and editing application native to Box.   Besides basic font settings you can create ordered, unordered, and check lists, set justification, insert images and create basic tables.  Box notes are great for meeting agendas, brain storming sessions, as …

Box Drive at OSU

Aug 8, 2017

Box Drive is the latest in Box’s client tools.  It was released in June of this year in a public beta.  Box drive supports both Windows and Mac OS’.   Since its initial release as Box for Desktop, users at OSU have been putting the application through its paces and have been quite satisfied with …

House Keeping Tips

May 2, 2017

You finally jumped in a moved all those files off your local hard drive, file share, G Drive or wherever into Box.  You carefully planned this move and you have it all neatly arranged in folders and sub-folders with descriptive names so you know at a glance what is where.  But then you have the …