Box for Oregon State University is now available for the OSU community. We strongly encourage researchers to use this new service, since it provides unlimited, secure, cloud-based data storage that's accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.  Box adds to the OSU universe of sharing and collaboration services, and our community may continue to use Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and the on-campus storage solutions provided by IT departments across campus.

If you wish to migrate content from Dropbox to Box, please follow the instructions provided at


  • While your total data storage is unlimited, please note that the maximum size of any individual file is 15 GB.  Note: IE 9, 10 & 11 impose a 4GB file upload limit. 
  • It is prohibited to upload any “Protected Information” to Box, including but not limited to classified research data and research data with export control / ITAR limitations.
  • You are allowed to upload “Sensitive Information,” but you must not share that data with persons not authorized to access such information. We encourage everyone at OSU to review the Security Office’s data classifications at to ensure that we are compliant with the ways that we store and share our data.