Box provides unlimited, secure, cloud-based data storage that's accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device, and it's easy to share that data with other Box users. 

To get started, just sign in to Box. We recommend you watch the Getting Started video tutorials, and you can get in touch with the IS Service Desk for any questions you might have. 

Box is a great compliment to our other data storage solutions like Google Apps for OSU and Office 365. We encourage you to explore your Box for OSU account before classes start on Wednesday in case your instructors want you to use it for class projects.

When am I allowed access to Box?

You may sign in to Box after you register for classes.

What happens to my Box access after I leave OSU?

You have access to Box for 2 terms after you graduate or otherwise leave OSU, but then your data is deleted. It is your responsibility to download or transfer any of your data off of OSU-provided services to ensure you keep your data. OSU does not have the ability to recover data that's been permanently deleted.