What are Box permissions for collaborators?

Box allows you to set fine grained control (permissions) over what collaborators can do with the files and folders that you share/collaborate on.  For instance, you may want to allow some people to edit the files while others you only want to be able to view the content and still others you want to allow them sync files but others have to access files on-line. 

Note: As of March 2018 you can now invite collaborators to collaborate on a single file.  File collaboration permissions are limited to editor or viewer.

How do I set permissions? 

Permissions can be set or adjusted at any point in time.  Typically, you would set the intended permissions when you first invite users to collaborate.  If you find later that you need to give a user or users more permission or remove permissions, you can do that by adjusting their permission level. 

To begin, here is how you set permissions when you first invite someone to collaborate.  Once you’ve selected to invite collaborators you will see the following dialog open.  Under “Invitee Permissions” you can select one of seven different permission levels for the person or people you have listed in the “Invite” area above.

Invite to shared files dialog

If you forget what each level can do, simply click on the "i" icon next to “Learn More” and you will see an abbreviated list of what each permission level can do.

Collaborator permission matrix

One question we get is why someone can't sync a particular folder.  For the answer to that and more information about the full range of collaborator permissions please see, What are the different access levels for collaborators.

To change permissions after the fact you simply click on the folder on which you intend to make the change.  On the right side of the page you will see a list of users that you are collaborating with on that folder.  Click on the permission level, if you’re in the old UI, and select the new permission level from the drop-down menu or in the new UI click on the three “…” to the right of the user’s name.

Old UI permissions    New UI permissions

Are there any other settings I should know about?

Yes, there are additional permission settings you can make in the folder settings/properties area that affect what collaborators can or cannot do.

Collaboration/Invitation Restrictions:

  1. Only folder owners and co-owners can send collaborator invites.  This will override the ability of users with editor and below permission to invite other collaborators.
  2. https://box.oregonstate.edu/admin/dashboard Restrict collaboration to within Oregon State University.  This will make sure that only OSU members can be invited to collaborate on a folder.  This is a handy setting if you don’t want external people given access to a folder and subfolders.
  3. Hide Collaborators.  If set, only owners and co-owners can see who else is collaborating on a folder.
  4. Allow anyone who can access this folder from a shared link to join as a collaborator.  Checking this setting gives users with the link the option of joining the folder as a collaborator with either Editor or Viewer permissions depending on what you have selected.  This setting works in conjunction with the shared link access type settings of “People with the link”, “People in your company”, and “People in this folder”.

Collaboration/Shared Link Access

  1. Only collaborators can access this folder via shared links.  If checked, only users who are already collaborators in the folder will be able to access it via shared links.  This setting will override #4 above.